Su Muon Pagoda

Su Muon pagoda
Su Muon pagoda

Su Muon is the oldest pagoda of Phu Quoc island with so much reflect about the life and culture of Vietnamese people.

Why Su Muon Pagoda is special ?

Su Muon Pagoda – an ancient pagoda with unique architecture. In the main hall there is a big statue of Buddha while in the front there is a statue of Fat, Funny Buddha and children around Him. In the back is anther statue of Buddha sitting under a big treebeside a high cliff.

There are have many sculptures of Buddha. At the top is the composition – the Buddha with his disciples, interesting to see the architecture. Many interesting nuances, from framing houses, graves to themselves.

200-year-old tree in Su Muon Pagoda
200-year-old tree in Su Muon Pagoda

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The whole temple is situated on a hill, wooded surroundings. If you go on a hot day, people will be very relaxed sightseeing. Especially, after the temple has a lot of myrtle. In the summer, very fragrant flowers will bloom and beautiful.

What to explore at Su Muon Pagoda?

The first impression on this pagoda is its peace, magnificence, and solemnity. The pagoda is localted halfway up a hill in the center of a verdant forest with a splendid scenery. Behind the pagoda are mountains with sky high ancient trees. The sanctum is buolt on 3 meter thick stone flone, and the statue of Buddha is worshiped inside. To get to the sanctum, visitors must climb up over 60 stone steps. On the pagoda ground is a big rock which by human imagination, its colors and design, turns into a kowtowing tiger.

Statue of Fat, Funny Buddha
Statue of Fat, Funny Buddha

Looking down to the mountain slope from the balcony of the pagoda, visitors can recognize an amazing panorama right under their their foot. While enjoying mountain winds murmuring through trees, visitors’ souls seem to be so purified and fly up to the nirvana.

How to get to Su Muon Pagoda?

The road leading to the Su Muon Pagoda is about 4kms east of Duong Dong Town on the way to Ham Ninh Village. Once you have arrived at this road, you need to travel another 1km uphill to reach the parking area.


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