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Abalone soup

Phu Quoc Abalone

Phu Quoc island appeals tourists by not only its natural beauty but also sumptuous seafood. Seafood of Phu Quoc is caught by fishmen daily so it is always fresh. Coming to Phu Quoc island, guests are able to taste variety of seafood including sea urching, nhong fish, sea snails, herrings, squid, sea cucumber, etc. One […]

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Ai Xiem restaurant

Ai Xiem Restaurant

Where else in the world can you eat gourmet food in a restaurant that is not only outdoors, but actually located on the beach? Phu Quoc is this kind of place. Ai Xiem Restaurant is literally set on the beach, Sai Bao Beach to be exact, with white sand beneath the tables and all the […]

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Phu Quoc Fish Sauces

For a completely unique experience visit one of the many fish sauce distilleries in either Duong Dong or An Thoi towns. Phu Quoc is famous for its production of very high quality fish sauce which is exported worldwide and is a major contributor to the islands economy. Fish sauce or “nuoc mam” is a dipping […]

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Ham Ninh sea crabs

Ham Ninh Sea Crabs

Ham Ninh crab quite small, but firm, fragrant and tasty than other kinds of crabs. The taste is as delicious as taste of  Ca Mau sea crab or Nha Trang king crab. It has long been famous as a specialty of Phu Quoc. Ham Ninh is a fishing village in Phu Quoc Phu Quoc, away […]

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Sea cucumber

Sea Cucumber

Phu Quoc Sea Cucumber is often referred as “đồn đột” or “đột ngậu”, is preferred dish that contains nutritional values and health benefits. Sea cucumbers are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but can also be a tasty dish. It’s a premium dishes that people want to try it once when visiting Phu Quoc. >> Phu […]

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Thanh Ca mango

Thanh Ca Mango

When talking about the strange delicious specialties at Phu Quoc island tourists often think of the famous seafood such as sea urchin, nhong fish, sea crab and unique agricultural and forestry products such as pepper, sim wine, etc. A part from that, a can’t-miss fruit is Thanh Ca mango which is grew widely in Phu […]

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Fried rice with crab meat

Fried Rice With Sea Crab Meat

Coming to Phu Quoc island, tourists get opportunities to tantalize their palate with delicious food such as sea urchin, nhong fish, tram mushroom, and one another of must-try dish is fried rice with sea crab. This a special dish of the Southern of Vietnam which is called: “com rang ghe”. >> Phu quoc restaurants >> One Sun […]

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Baked squids

One Sun Dried Squids

In Phu Quoc island, people caught up instantly fresh ink canal cleaned out and stretch the mẹt exposure onto bright sunlight. When the surface has been dried (not sticky touch), then flip to the other side pitches exposure until all sides get fried. Exposure time is only about two to three hours is reached. In […]

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Ithaca Resto And Lounge

Ithaca Resto And Lounge

Ithaca, written as Itaca in the Catalan language, is a shining Greek island that nestles in the heart of the Mediterranean. Full of history, romance and adventure and famous as the mythical home of Odysseus, the hero of Homers Odyssey. The tiny island invokes images of a different pace of life, far from the hustle […]

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Phu Quoc Pepper

Phu Quoc Island Pepper

Phu Quoc produces over an incredible 1000 tons of the best quality black pepper each year. You’ll find pepper plantations mostly around the central and northern parts of the island and most farmers won’t mind you stopping to take photo’s or viewing these amazing storks of pepper trees or the drying pepper. Organized tours also […]

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